• Project Management / Program Management
  • Global Transformation Strategy
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Business Analysis / Financial Analysis / Accounting
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Over 30 years managing people and businesses
  • MBA: Corporate Strategy/ Management / Marketing
  • BA: Accounting, Finance (Cum Laude Graduate)
  • Certified Project Manager Practitioner

Major Client Base

  • The Walt Disney Company (TWDC Corporate)
  • JP Morgan Chase (JPMC)
  • Bank One
  • CNA Insurance
  • Blockbuster Entertainment / Viacom
  • Mrs. Field’s Cookies, Inc.

Business Ownership

  • Nameloc Publishing
    • Published Author, Trainer
  • JC & Associates
    • Private Business Consulting, Professional Mentorship
  • C3 Management Company, LLC
    • Real Estate Investment, Consulting Umbrella Company
  • C3 Marketing Company
    • Digital / Affiliate Marketing
  • Urban Force Entertainment, LLC
    • Co-Founder and VP of Music Promotions Company
  • Independent Black Investors, LLC (NAIC Member)
    • Co-Founder of NAIC Stock Investment Organization

As you can see from the listing above, Jeff is an educated professional with many years of experience to share. Experience in business management, people management, accounting/finance, business development, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentoring and most importantly interpersonal communication… just to name a few.


Jeff began his management and entrepreneurial career at age 10.  He created a snow shoveling team on the south side of Chicago. He secured the customers and assigned jobs to his team and they all shared in the income.

From his teens to young adult, he earned income as a DJ selling mix-tapes, hosting parties and also managed a dance team that performed at parties.

Later, Jeff worked full time as a management professional. Starting from entry level, right out of high school he quickly rose from assistant management to middle management. After gaining more formal education, Jeff transitioned to Corporate Accounting, then continued on excelling in Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Process Improvement and Project Management.

Jeff’s management experience expands across many industries, including Retail, Insurance, Banking, Entertainment and Media.  He’s led small teams of 1 – 8 professionals, large organizations over 100 employees and several project teams of seasoned professionals, globally.

Jeff Coleman aka “JC Moneyman”

During the years Mr. Coleman also found to time to establish a profitable business development business (JC & Associates).  THIS is where the name “JC Moneyman” was coined by Jeff’s clients.

First, Jeff co-founded and became VP of a successful music promotion company ( Urban Force Entertainment, LLC).  This company was the brain-child of his brother, Music Producer and Chicago radio personality, DJ Lil John

From here, MANY talented DJs, music producers, up and coming recording artist and other business owners were referred to Jeff as JC Moneyman; The man who helped them with business development, business acumen and most importantly, help them account for their money correctly.


Feel free to connect JC Moneyman on InstagramFaceBook and Twitter

“Sharpen your Skills”

…with the writings of Jeff Coleman, MBA

Stop Crying and Get Paid

How can I make more money at work ?
    Have you asked that question? 

How about these…
– How can I get promoted at work?
– What is the fastest way to get a promotion?
– What is the fastest way to get a raise?
– How can I generate more business?

So, you have the education and skills, but you may be missing out on the key secrets preventing you from getting to the next level and/or earning more income… read on.
You will gain insight from a boss’ point of view. 
• Insight that your bosses truly wish they could share
• Insight missing from school, and post-secondary education
• Insight that is especially helpful to those in Corporate America

This is book is dedicated to the “Go-Getter”; the one that truly wants to work to get ahead. While those fellow employees are busy complaining and putting themselves on a pedestal of self-entitlement, YOU will learn some key principles to add to your education to move ahead quickly.

Even if you do not agree with or like what is written in this book, keep reading.

Then, apply what you have read and you will EARN the money that you are entitled to. Unlike the other self-entitled complainers, you will learn to “stop crying and get paid.”

This book is the first of many where you will have an opportunity to learn proven principles for success to improve your value, your career, your income and your life.

Stop Crying and Get Paid and its 2nd edition are Available on Amazon.com

Stop Crying Get PAID
Here’s a quick snap-shot of the original cover as I was creating the flagship title.



SPECIAL Audio Book give away…

Finally you can get the AUDIO edition of “Stop Crying and Get Paid”

LISTEN to Stop Crying and Get PAID!

This audio is meant to bring to light THE most important skills to focus on in order to succeed in business or in the work place.  I invite you to open your mind and Read. Then, apply and succeed!



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