Hi.  My name is Jeff Coleman.

I’m a regular guy from Chicago, now living in Sunny Florida.

I love football, still a Chicago Bears fan but learning to like the Bucs.  I don’t have a favorite pro basketball team yet. My favorite NCAA teams are Michigan Wolverines (GO BLUE!) and Ohio State Buckeyes.  Although I attended Indiana University… LOL

I am also a HUGE fan of video games!  I’m currently into the Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty series.  Most recently, I’ve spend a lot of time playing NBA 2K.  I don’t play online really, gaming is just my own personal therapy…

Who is JC Moneyman?

I picked up the name “JC” came about a while ago while I was a DJ in Chicago.  My prime genre was House Music.  Later, I became VP of Urban Force Entertainment.  I took care of all the business planning and financials for the company.

This led me to assisting many professionals in the Hip-Hop industry in accounting and finance.  All of my private clients started calling me “Moneyman” I love the dance music club scene still today, attending such events as…


Jeff Coleman is a man with many years of experience to share in business management, business consulting, accounting, people management, public speaking, leadership, mentorship and most importantly interpersonal communication… just to name a few.

Jeff began his management career at the age of 10 by creating a snow shoveling team on the south side of Chicago. He secured the customers and assigned jobs to his team and they shared in the income. Later, in high school, he earned income as a DJ selling mix-tapes, hosting parties and also managed a dance team that performed at parties.

Later, Mr. Coleman worked full time as a management professional. He started from the bottom, entry level right out of high school and quickly rose to upper management. Jeff transitioned to an accounting position in Corporate America (while in college), then continued on to Financial Analysis, Business Analysis and Project Management. Jeff’s management experience expanded across many industries, including Retail, Insurance, Banking, Entertainment and Media.

Attending college much later than many of his peers,

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from DeVry Chicago and then a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University. Additionally, Jeff was certified as a Project Management Practitioner.

During the years Mr. Coleman also found to time to raise two children, spend quality time with his family, establish a profitable consulting business (JC & Associates), assist his brother as a co-founder and VP of a profitable music promotion company (Urban Force Entertainment, LLC), run an affiliate marketing business through internet marketing (C3 Marketing Company) and create a successful real estate management company (C3 Management Company,LLC).

Feel free to connect with me on InstagramFaceBook and Twitter to keep up things I’m working on to assist YOU!

“I find ways to make MORE money; Then I show others.”  – JC Moneyman

Jeff Coleman the Author

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